Social media has introduced the baseball world to Lilli Martineau, the 15-year-old girl you don’t want to face on the diamond

Lillian, now 15, inspiring other girls to love the game
Old School, New School: Stirrups and the long blond pony tail make Lilli easy to spot on the diamond

“She fills a leadership role. Playing with her is like playing with anyone else. It doesn’t matter that she’s a girl — she’s probably better than most of the kids on our team.”

“I think Lilli can shoot for any goal that she wants and if she puts hard work in,” her hitting coach observed. “I think she has a chance to do some really great things as a female competing in a male sport.”

Coombs toeing the rubber for the Silver Bullets.
Martineau has moved on, but not forgotten. “It all worked out in the end.”
Siegal throwing batting practice for Cleveland. (
Young Lilli sporting a Mets cap at Citi Field with her father Chad
Martineau, No. 10, toeing the rubber for the L7's
Frye offers encouragement to Martineau on Twitter.
Southpaws Stances: Young Lilli and her sister Brooke in their Little League uniforms. (Martineau sporting Phillies red gives it away)
Jeff Frye and Missy Coombes were among the first to offer congratulations



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J.M. Casper

J.M. Casper

Professional writer covering sports, history and other subjects of interest. My mandate is to show how history and culture intersect.